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Rumor Column’s Favorite: Gossip and Rumors (4)




Kim Kardashian as of late let her long-term aide go – however, the move was a business choice and nothing individual.

Sources near Kim let us know there’s no show amongst her and her now previous right hand, Stephanie Shepherd after Kim chose to go separate ways professionally in September.

We’re revealed to Stephanie progressed to a higher position inside Kim’s organization a couple of months prior, going from an office colleague to Chief Operating Officer of Kim’s brands. It wound up noticeably clear rapidly to both that Stephanie wasn’t a solid match.

Kim and Stephanie went to a common choice to part professionally, however, stay dear companions. Stephanie was exactly at Kim’s birthday party.

As one source puts it … Kim’s growing her image at a fast pace, and she needs to have the perfect individuals on board to oversee it. For example, she simply employed a nearby, long-term companion who’s a PR and advertising wiz to deal with her image and business operations. She’s additionally expedited a Marvel PR powerhouse.

Furthermore, get this … there are stories out there that Kim is currently considering running for office and she’s dumped her own marketing expert to contract a political PR group. We’re told they’re in no way, shape or form genuine.

With respect to Stephanie, no hard emotions, yet business will be a business.


Sylvester Stallone’s ex, Brigitte Nielsen, says its absolutely impossible Stallone could have sexually attacked a 16-year-old young lady in Las Vegas since she was with him the whole time.

The Daily Mail posted a story that the 16-year-old met Stallone in 1986 amid the recording of “Over the Top” and he welcomed the young lady to his lodging room at the Vegas Hilton where he purportedly constrained her to have oral sex with him as his protector assaulted her.

Nielsen tells TMZ, “Amid the late spring of 1986 we were newlyweds I was indivisible with Sylvester when ‘Over the Top’ was being shot in Las Vegas. The story asserts that at around 8:30 at night amid the shoot of the film the individual cases she was in our suite at the Hilton Hotel.”

Nielsen goes ahead to state, “This occurrence did not happen. The greater part of the day, I would watch his film, at that point, we’d eat and go to our room. No other individual was during the stay with him, yet me.”


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Top 3 Dragon Ball Rumors To Hit The Web




“General” bits of gossip are regularly those wacky “Web bits of gossip” of an unclear order that once spread, never appear to be wholly settled or slaughtered off. You have most likely perused them all on message sheets, and despite the fact that you think they are… well… deficient with regards to any natural substance, you can not help but rather believe in the back of your head that there might be a comment.

Dragon Ball AF

Pictures of a “Super Saiyan 5” Goku started surfacing on the web back in the late 1990s. For a very long time, no source would ever be found. However, it is likely that the picture started as fan craftsmanship by “Daniel Montiel Franco” inside the Spanish computer game magazine Hobby Consolas. Past this, the whole idea of this new change and its gathered birthplace in turn off arrangement Dragon Ball AF was constantly ascribed to dōjinshi (or fan manga). Nobody had ever possessed the capacity to give confirmation of a genuine “DBAF” dōjinshi, however — if no pen-and-paper item could be displayed, what reason was there to trust it existed, regardless of whether just in dōjinshi frame?

This talk turned out to be so across the board (and was persistent to the point) that FUNimation (the organisation in charge of the arrangement’s conveyance in North America) was compelled to address the subject of “AF” amid boards at traditions, and even depended on posting an answer in their official FAQ on

The Death Of Akira Toriyama

This is another gossip that started surfacing in the late 1990s (particularly amid the season of Tobal No.1’s discharge on the first PlayStation). It appears to be odd to us that such vast numbers of individuals who have heard it merely acknowledge it without attempting to concoct any “verification” to back it up. Obviously, if they did, there would not be any requirement for this guide, so perhaps it isn’t as odd (or if nothing else exceptional) as it appears. Toriyama is as yet doing character outlines for Dragon Quest diversions and composing a couple of one-shot manga all over, also that he drew the majority of the manga’s kanzenban cover pictures. In 2003 alone, he allowed no less than three meetings to the American Shonen Jump and German Banzai! Magazines, and even showed up in the US to advance the residential version of Jump. In 2008, Toriyama partook in making the main new Dragon Ball movement (the 2008 Jump Super Anime Tour extraordinary) in about ten years, and considerably more as of late added to the movies Battle of Gods and Revival of “F”!

On the off chance that that qualifies as “dead,” we do not understand what it takes to be alive! The reality of the situation: Akira Toriyama may regularly be a to some degree, antisocial man. However, he is fit as a fiddle.

Linkin Park Sang “Rock The Dragon”

Like what you may have recently read above, once documents begin hitting distributed systems, what happens next is anyone’s guess with regards to exact data. At the point when FUNimation started their name of Dragon Ball Z in 1996, they adopted the same strategy from they did with Dragon Ball a year earlier: they had an entirely new ambient sounds score formed for the arrangement and also a wholly new opening (and completion) subject.

Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahehi were gotten to create the score for the DBZ name (known for a deal with Power Rangers around this time, and also numerous other American toons and adjustments). A portion of the early music for this name creation was discharged on an official soundtrack, basically called Dragon Ball Z: Original USA Television Soundtrack. This DBZ signature tune had no official title other than “Primary Title” as per its track posting, yet has been titled “Rock the Dragon” by fans (probably because of these words being a couple of vocal articulations amid the tune).

Beginning not long after Napster hit the scene in the late 1990s, and ahead of schedule into the central decade of this century, music from all finishes of the Earth advanced over the intertubes, losing meta-data amid the trip. Music from Dragon Ball was no particular case. Tagless forms of “Shake the Dragon” were soon all over the place, and with Linkin Park at its peak of prominence (and fan-influenced Dragon To ball music recordings utilising the band’s tunes so normal that they were scornfully marked “LinkinBall Z”), maybe it was unavoidable.

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Top 5 Technology Product Rumors For 2018




The year 2017 in tech was brimming with highs and lows. The business experienced an enthusiastic, exciting ride and took every one of us with it: Apple’s dispatch of its top of the line iPhone X, the resurgence of nostalgic contraptions and the death of our adored AOL Instant Messenger, among numerous others.

Luckily, 2018 seems to arrange a flock of new items and administrations that have every one of us exceptionally energised. Navigate to perceive what the following year has in store.

Magic Leap One Creator Edition

The principal item to leave the Google-upheld augmented reality startup; the Magic Leap One Creator Edition AR headset resembles a couple of all-out goggles straight out of a steampunk universe. It incorporates an arrangement of Lightyear savvy glasses, a battery pack belt and a controller. Not at all like other AR headsets, the Leap One anticipates an entire 3D picture onto your retinas, which can be centred around similarly that specific items can. Valuing data hasn’t been discharged yet. However, it’s because of it to ship in 2018.

The RED Hydrogen Smartphone

Notwithstanding making cameras for Hollywood films and shows, Red will discharge its first telephone, booked to transport out in Q1 of 2018. Known as the Red Hydrogen and exceptionally foreseen by film and photography buffs alike, the Android phone will include a 5.7-inch screen with “holographic” show modes and secluded capacities. Be that as it may, it’ll come at a pretty penny: The Hydrogen will cost $1,595 (generally £1,235 or AU$2,110) for the titanium variation or $1,195 (usually £925, AU$1,580) for the aluminium combination display.

The Ataribox

Pulling at each ’80s child’s nostalgic strings, Atari is discharging the Atari box, a reboot of its well known Atari 2600 reassure. The invigorated support will run Linux, come in two plans (wood, dark and-red glass) and incorporates both great and new diversions. It’ll likewise have ports for USB, HDMI and SD associations. Delivery is expected for spring 2018. However, its Dec. 14 preorder date has just been postponed. It’s relied upon to cost around $249 to $299 (£186-£223 and AU$325-AU$390, changed over) contingent upon the design.

All New iPhones

In spite of the fact that nothing has been affirmed yet, Apple will probably discharge another line of its first smartphones one year from now. What we hope to be known as the iPhone 8S Plus will likely be accessible in September, and they’re supposed to include a metal packaging rather than glass. Indeed, even less is thought about the following iPhone X, which has indeed not been affirmed and we don’t know what it will be called (iPhone X2? iPhone XI? iPhone 11?). Intimations from the current iPhone X recommend the cutting edge will probably dispatch in October 2018, consolidate TrueDepth innovation to its back camera and tout a similar score that is set down deep roots.

New Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Reported in 2016 and accessible for arranging since May of this current year, Tesla’s sun oriented rooftop tiles control your home with sun based vitality, and you can hope to see a more significant amount of them this coming year. The tiles offer for about $42 (£31 and sell for AU$54 changed over) each or $11 (£8 and AU$18) without photovoltaic cells implanted inside. Two outline variations are as of now accessible (finished and smooth), with Tuscan and slate planned for 2018.

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Top 5 Absurd Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Of All Time




Becoming a celebrity is a dream for one and all. However, there comes along one tag that makes life miserable – the tag of conspiracy thoeries and scandals.

While some theories turn out to be true, the others are simply absurd. Not only do they make no sense, but also is a torture to the brain.

Here’s our take on the 5 most absurd celebrity conspiracy theories of all time.

Miley Cyrus Was Killed And Replaced By A Doppelgänger

There was an absurd talk making the rounds that Miley Cyrus was killed and supplanted by a doppelganger. The discussion began around the time that Miley discarded her great young lady picture and grasped her inward wild kid. While this would positively clarify her difference in the film, it’d be elusive somebody who looked and sang precisely like the “Destroying Ball” artist.

Walt Disney Is Cryogenically Frozen Underneath Disneyland

“Frozen” isn’t only Disney’s most recent raving success. It likewise happens to be the state in which the organisation’s head, Walt Disney, is indicated to be protected in. While it’s pleasant to believe that one day therapeutic science would be able to restore Walt Disney with the goal that he could come back to the steerage of his organisation and make new exemplary movies, it’s just not going to happen.

Not only has his family affirmed that Walt isn’t frozen, yet they have expressed that he was not by any means acquainted with the idea of cryogenics at the season of his demise.

Stephen King Murdered John Lennon

The Beatles’ most absurd theory is that John Lennon wasn’t gunned down by Mark David Chapman in 1980, yet by none other than Stephen King.

The person behind this theory is Steve Lightfoot, an individual based in Florida. He claims that the argument came to light when he was escorted out of the chamber where he reportedly eavesdropped on a town committee meeting who were discussing the sequence of events as they happened.

He further believes it could be right, since King appears to have many similarities with Chapman, including facial features. He claims that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan gave the go-ahead, considering Lennon’s radical endeavours.

Whoa! What even?

Beyonce’s Affair With Barack Obama

Is this a case of History repeating itself? Not really.

This would entirely be the craziest and the most absurd rumour of the century. This is in reminiscence of JFK’s public undertaking with Marilyn Monroe.

Shockingly, this is in all likelihood just a wild urban legend, initially imprinted in a French newspaper. There’s positively no proof that focuses on Queen Bey being impractically involved with Ex-President Obama. Also, the ex-POTUS is known for his supreme love for his wife, Michelle.

Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

This is something that a lot of people have been thinking about especially after  2003, when The Matrix star told Hello! Magazine, “Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.”

The theory implies that he has been living for centuries, under different identities and roles. To top it all, he looks strikingly similar to a lot of folks from the past – a few include the likes of Charlemagne, Paul Monet, and more.

There’s a website dedicated for the same –

Mind = Blown!

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